Sea Books


“..the great flood-gates of the wonder-world swung open..”

Herman Melville “Moby-Dick”

Books open my eyes.
Without knowledge the world is flat.
Each and every writer teaches me to see, to notice,
to get under the skin of the layered world of the sea.

Sea is present even in the name of my city. Jūrmala translates as ‘the seaside’ and jūra is ‘the sea’. Jūrmala is a sea resort city in Latvia, breathing under pine umbrellas on a stretch of land between river Lielupe and the Baltic Sea. Perfect place for a sea library to wash ashore. Ever since I fell in (love with) water a couple of years ago, books about the sea have become my passion.

In 2018 I have opened a sea library in Jūrmala for locals and others to read. You can borrow a book from my growing collection or I can send it to you by post. You can donate a book to the sea library to help to fill its shelves.

Right now the library is in my studio at home, but the books are reviewed and shared also on Beach Books ( to become a flooded resource of sea literature.