World Water Day Today

For 25 years March 22 is celebrated as the World Water Day.

If I have to choose one favorite place, it is definitely by the water. The energy of a running water is full of life and does wonders with you. Herman Melville described in the first chapter of “Moby-Dick”, how we all are mysteriously drawn to water like a magnetic needle to the North.

“…meditation and water are wedded for ever.”

Herman Melville “Moby-Dick; or The Whale”, 1851

In the picture above, taken last summer by my then two-year-old son, I am by the River Lielupe, waiting for the boat to arrive. Happy World Water Day!


Jau 25 gadus 22. marts tiek atzīmēts kā Vispasaules Ūdens diena.

Ja man jāizvēlas mīļākā vieta, tā noteikti ir pie ūdens. Kustībā esoša ūdens enerģija ir pilna dzīvības un dara brīnumus. “Mobija Dika” pirmajā nodaļā Hermans Melvils apraksta, cik noslēpumaini un spēcīgi mūs pievelk ūdens. Gluži kā ziemeļi pievelk kompasa adatu.

“…meditācija un ūdens ir salaulāti uz mūžu.”

Herman Melville “Moby-Dick; or The Whale”, 1851

Fotogrāfijā, kuru pagāšvasar uzņēma mans tobrīd divus gadus vecais dēls, esmu pie Lielupes. Gaidu laivu.

Favorite Place



  1. Thanks for this reminder and tribute to World Water day. It’s such a vital topic – and here in Cape Town we’re so very aware of how vulnerable and how precious this resource is! When it’s there in abundance it’s so taken for granted, but in times of drought constraint of use really drives home the reality of scarcity!

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