Twilight Tiger

In winter you can experience how dusk arrives in a blink of an eye. While I walked to the beach, it was still daytime. I arrived, and the blue velvet twilight awaited. Street lanterns showed me the way home.

“The tiger leapt, and the swallow dipped her wings in dark pools on the other side of the world.”

Virginia Woolf “The Waves”, 1931


Ziemā tumsa iestājas acumirklī. Ejot uz pludmali, bija gaiša diena, bet jūrā sagaidīja samtaini zila krēsla. Ielu laternas man rādīja mājupceļu.

“Tīģeris lēca, un bezdelīga otrā pasaules malā iemērca spārnus tumšos ūdeņos.”

Virginia Woolf “The Waves”, 1931

Photo: Anna Iltnere, Beach Books




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